Get in the Car

by Get in the Car

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released May 18, 2016

Get in the Car:
Amanda Cleland
Phil Ford
Kim Marino
Paul Webb

Recorded and Mixed by Bill Walker
Mastered by Bryan Wathall
Illustrations - Ed Harrington
Logo - Jim Callahan
Photography - Jake Cunningham



all rights reserved


Get in the Car Richmond, Virginia

Kim = drums, cylinder.
Amanda = bass, horsepower.
Phil = guitar, pedal.
Paul = voice/keys dashboard.

Retro Futurist Rock / Post Punk Noir.

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Track Name: Hypnic Jerk
Are there teeth in your nose?
Are you sleeping in the trees or falling to the ground below?
Are you relaxed?
Or was it paralyzed?
Can you tell the difference?
Did you notice my disguise?
Trees pass by
Stop motion hypnosis
Endless cities
Identical corners
Exchanging faces in the forest of bright colors
Pulling wires from my gums but will the tooth hold?
Can't speak no face wrong arm wrong place
Callipygian comforters tell me the snow is warm
No harm in the embrace of the manticore
Phosphenes speak their hidden language
Listen with your eyes
Knock the moon over so we can die
Listen with your eyes
There is no disguise
Knock the moon over so we can die
Track Name: Eschaton
Can't wait to survive
dystopian concepts
It is my master plan
Can't wait to survive
surrounded by all my friends
We're not going anywhere
Text me when it's the apocalypse
And we can download on a whim in our
makeshift bunker
Do you really want to at the end
with our eye glued to the live stream?
Four walls and bottled water
Don't really see why we oughta
Get off this couch and open the door
for anyone anymore
These gated communities are our salvation
It's all Eschaton
On demand
Cloud based
So many followers
So many more than six extinctions
Track Name: Gibbeting
Old Roger has a spear in my heart at the crossroads
Pocket watch on the fob
Waiting for a turn at my load
Hanging in my metal dress
My skin grasps at weary travelers
Searching for redemptive text
Hanging in my metal dress
Fingers reach out to caress
P.T. has me on display
"From Quebec"
Just hanging in my metal dress
In a word that cursed me for my sex
Jesuits and crowns give bad raps
To a girl bride made drunk on wine
My spirit haunts Father Jose
My iron frock rusts on the vine
Track Name: Inside the Perisphere

Darling monsters
On trylon stairs
Peer down on the future cities
Amusement zones
and babies hatched for war
Monochrome glasses
It's so pretty


Fashion / Fascists
Goes on / March on

Holding no solace for hope and dreams
As Herr wolf, the carpet chewer
Turns it all to dust

Fashion / Fascists
Goes on / March on

Welcome to the world tomorrow
Track Name: Apartment Full of Flowers
Injecting that face
You know the one
She's just my style
She speaks to me
High quality meats at the deli
Thermometer resting on my lip
Celebrity by proxy
Pressed shirt and tie
Seal the deal
Make the sale
How many degrees
Fetishize the deformity
Look inside
There's nothing left but the face
No one's famous now unless they're sick
Track Name: Tamam Shud
Sumerton Shore
A tall glass of digitalis
Searching for my spring
In nurse and son
In this cold war
In son and nurse
In this cold love
Red tide rolling in
Omar and codes
Tamam Shud
All so close
Within reach
One more stiff on the beach
Tamam Shud